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What will my permanent make up look like after my appointment? 

​-Immediately after your service your fresh permanent make up will feel darker, bolder and slightly thicker than they will be healed. We can expect our pigment to lighten around 30% and shrink in size about 15% when healed.

What are the stages of healing?

-The day following your service your permanent make up is going to feel the most dark/vibrant. Once your permanent make up is done flaking they are going to feel much lighter. This is due to the fresh skin that has grown over the pigment. It takes the full 6 weeks of healing to know the true color and retention.

How often will I need to get my permanent make up touched up?


-You will want to get your permanent make up touched up once they are 60% faded, this is typically between 1-3 years for most. It is important we are not going over the permanent make up too often and allow the pigment enough time to fade so we do not overload the skin with pigment and can continue to have nice natural results.

How do you decide on the shape?

-All our artists are trained to use the golden ratio when mapping your shape. This means we are following your natural bone structure to create the most natural shape for your specific bone structure. We always start more conservative with our shaping; we can always go thicker or darker at your touch up if desired.

Will there be any pain?

-Everyone has a different pain tolerance but for most people it will be a 1-2/10. We recommend booking around your menstrual cycle as this can make you more sensitive.

Do you offer payment plans?

-Yes! We now offer payment plans through Cherry for services. Options to pay off in 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. For Training we offer payment plans through paypal finance. Ask us for more details on payment plans.

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