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Beginner, advanced, online and shadow days available


Our shadowing program is one-on-one and is fully customized to what the student wants to focus on improving. Whether you are a new artist in the industry or experienced artist who wants to learn all of Toris tips and tricks. 


This class requires the student to have previously taken a  fundamental class on the service we will be focusing on.

PRICE- $1,000

CU shading still.jpg


When scheduling your shadow day you will let us know some specifics on what you'd like to improve and which technique we will be focusing on (microblading, ombre brows, lip blush, or nano brows). We will work on fake skin to improve your technique, work on your mapping skills, and you will have the opportunity to watch me take a live client and ask questions through the service.

Each shadow day will come with a goodie bag of some of Toris favorite products and links on where to buy all her favorite supplies.

To schedule for a shadow day please use the contact box below and let us know a few things you would like to cover in your shadow day, which technique, and if there are any days of the week that work better for you for scheduling.

Shadow days do NOT include a live model for the student, for more in depth training please look at our advanced classes.


Thanks for submitting!

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